Deep Blue Sea 2 - Treasure, Adventure and Underwater Fun!

Explore the exotic Island Area, dive for treasure and uncover the mystery of Avalonia in this amazingly deep Match-3 and Hidden Object game.

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  • Play for 10 minutes or hours at a time - Deep Blue Sea 2 fits your schedule
  • Relax and enjoy the soothing soundtrack - with lot's of tracks so you wont grow tired of it!
  • The sequel to the popular game "Deep Blue Sea", downloaded by over 1 million people!
  • Enjoy the Hidden Object levels when you want a break from Match-3

Praise for the first Deep Blue Sea

“Even the most well-worn of genres can seem new again in the right hands, and Deep Blue Sea is solid proof of that.”
» Gamezebo Review
“Try this game, it's much more than "another 3-match". Really great and well done. And the music is nice. FIVE STARS.”
» Customer Feedback

Over 200 different Match 3 Levels

Every level poses a new and different puzzle in a beautifully detailed environment. Collect treasure and artifacts along the way. Screenshot thumbnails

Hidden Object Challenges

Uncover secrets in the Billinger Naval Museum and other exciting locations as you make your way from island to island. Hidden Object image

Uncover the Secrets of Avalonia

The engaging story offers clues and will keep you wanting more! Story Book

Assemble your Crew

Pictures of part of the crew

You'll assemble a crew as you travel. Choose the right member for the right job!


... And Much More!

  • 50+ hours of gameplay!
  • Buy and win more than 35 different power-ups and upgrades
  • Discover new shops
  • Original soothing, melodic soundtrack (24 tracks!)
  • Beatifully hand-painted hidden object locations
  • Improve your divers as they gain experience
  • 6 different match-3 visual themes
  • Unrivalled match-3 feel and responsiveness
  • Lots of replay value!